jpartExplaining Cross-Country Differences in the Adoption of Performance-Related Pay in the Public Sector
Carl Dahlström and Victor Lapuente
Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory
Forthcoming fall 2009



default_coverParty Institutionalization, Divided Government and Policy Gridlock
Victor Lapuente and José Fernández-Albertos
Party Politics
Forthcoming fall 2009



ejprDoes Democracy Produce Quality of Government?
Nicholas Charron and Victor Lapuente
European Journal of Political Research
Forthcoming fall 2009




governanceTo the Short-Sighted Victor Belong the Spoils: Politics and Merit Adoption in Comparative Perspective
Victor Lapuente and Marina Nistotskaya
Governance Volume 22 Issue 3 (July 2009)




polpPolitical Regimes, Bureaucracy and Scientific Productivity
Victor Lapuente and Remo Fernández-Carro
Politics & Policy
December 2008, Vol. 36 Issue 6
(Awarded best paper in the journal in 2008)




JEH69_02Summaries of Doctoral Dissertations: ” A Political Economy Approach to Bureaucracies”
Victor Lapuente
The Journal of Economic History, Volume 69, Issue 02, June 2009, pp 533-568


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