My teaching comprises subjects related to Public Administration and Quality of Government. Below is a sample of the courses i have taught during the last years:

  • The Quality of Government in a Comparative Perspective, University of Gothenburg
    This course takes on the darker side of society by exploring problems of the quality of governance and corruption in a global comparative perspective. Corruption, and its related problems, has devastating effects on societies. Here, you will learn to analyze quality of government (QoG) problems, in trying to answer questions such as how QoG  is related is democracy, economic growth, the rule of law, social capital, inequality, social policies and citizens’ individual well-being. Read more >>
  • Swedish Politics in Comparative Perspective, University of Gothenburg
    This course gives the students a basic understanding of the Swedish political system and the uses of comparative analysis. The course covers a broad range of topics focusing on the main features of the Swedish political system such as its political party system, its welfare model, foreign policy and gender politics. 
  • Political Economy of Bureaucracy, European School of New Institutional Economics (ESNIE), May 2009.
    This workshop reviews the contribution of political economy and principal-agent theories to the study of an area of political science – public bureaucracies – traditionally dominated by cultural, sociological and historical approaches.
  • Comparative Public Policy, Spanish National Institute of Public Administration (INAP), Madrid, September 2008, March 2009.
    This course overviews the main theories on public policy and compares the process of policy-making and policy implementation across OECD countries.
  • “Introduction to the European Union” and “European Welfare States”, IES Barcelona, 2006-2007. 
  • Spanish Civilization and Culture”, CEA Barcelona, 2006-2007.
  • “Government and Politics in Western Europe”, tutorials, St. Hugh’s College and Merton College, University of Oxford, 2004-2006.

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